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Level up your play

Players, analysts, and coaches use SiegeGG Pro as part of their routine to gain a competitive advantage over teams, who just use traditional data analysis tools.

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How we help your team

SiegeGG Pro is all about improving the quality of your team’s analysis and reducing the time from finishing a match to being prepared for the next one.

Win more games

Teams, who’ve implemented Pro in their workflow, won up to 20% more matches than before. GG WP!

Save time, play fast

Our up-to-date statistics save your analyst valuable time otherwise spent on manual data entry.

Rank up your analysis

Our growing set of statistics and analysis tools extends your existing analysis solution.

Detailed team stats

SiegeGG Pro comes loaded with features around team stats: operator usage, lineups, and repicks, playstyle analysis, map performance, and in-depth stats on opening duels.

All stats are extensively filterable with key filters including date periods, region, and your team’s opponents.

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All about players

No matter if you’re looking for your players’ performance, an opponent’s weakness, or a player to add to your roster, SiegeGG Pro got your back!

With historical performance ratings, operator stats, or quick checks, evaluating players becomes easier than winning in Copper.

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Dig into rounds

The times of manual data collection are over. With Pro, you gain access to lower level data, such as advanced round-by-round logs, which can’t be found on the public SiegeGG site or anywhere else on the internet.

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1 All your team mates, coaches, analysts, and management staff within your organization can be granted access to Pro if you subscribe to one of our plans. You’ll get a signup link that you can share internally for minimal operational overhead.

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Your Rainbow Six Siege esports teams or talent crew might be eligible for a free 1 month trial of SiegeGG Pro. Enter your details below and we’ll get in touch to schedule a demo with you soon.

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